Come on in, the water's great -

Kerrick Buys Splash


Kerrick, the oldest and most respected name in the New Zealand market, has extended the stable of technologies to the purchase of Splash Equipment Ltd.

The purchase extends Kerrick's abilities and range in the underground and high pressure machinery and equipment and creates a true "one stop shop".

Industrial and commercial customers including plumbers, drain cleaners, contractors and local authorities now have one purchasing channel to source all their products; from the smallest nozzle, through underground CCTV cameras and recording equipment. Our range includes the largest water jetting units, with pressures up to 50,000 psi, flows up to 1000 litres per minute using up to 750 horse power.

Kerrick will, of course, continue to provide its industry trusted flagship products and integrate all of Splash's existing marketplace offerings. The purchase will allow Kerrick to expand its product range further offering you a greater chance from one of New Zealand's most trusted businesses.

Both Kerrick and Splash customers can expect continuation of the excellent service which they have been provided in the past. The strategic purchase will benefit our clients with procurement and purchasing of products from Kerrick giving you that competitive advantage in equipment, service and price.

Kerrick Service and Warranty: All products are covered by Kerrick's 12 month parts and labour warranty. Kerrick has full service backup through out the country.